Alex Robini

Bilingual French-English voice over artist

With 20 years of experience in recording studios,
my English and French feminine and child voices,
always accompanied by my enthusiasm, passion and perfectionism,
are here for all your audiovisual projects.




An experienced and responsive voice

If treading the boards, acting on screen sets or hosting galas and conventions have punctuated my career, as a voice over artist I have been invested in recording studios for more than 20 years.

My lengthy experience as an events planner and artistic director on short and full length feature films, enables me to rapidly grasp your intentions and/or to guide you in your choices: a precious timesaver.

A voice for any media

I am a dubbing professional, a voice over specialist, and an expert in sound recording, and my voice will adapt to any of your TV or radio adverts, motion design, dubbing of films, series or cartoons, video games, documentaries or e-learning projects …

A perfectly bilingual voice

Shakespeare or Moliere? It’s up to you!

With an English mother and French father I am totally bilingual with two mother tongues, devoid of any regional accent.

In short, two artists is one!

A multi-faceted voice

A shy or cheeky child, a bored or enthusiastic teenager, a crazy bimbo or a military person preparing for war, a reassuring mother or a terrifying witch, a cat or a penguin. Unquestionably a truly chameleon voice.

Warm, cheerful, mischievous, corporate, controlled or reassuring, my voice adjusts to your needs, attunes to your aims, and follows your codes.

When in doubt, is is always better to have the luxury of choice.

A voice guided by passion and attached to a big smile

A professional, appropriate, responsive, and rigorous attitude does not of course exclude cheerfulness, creative energy and complicity during the briefing or between takes.

20 years of passion in this profession

20 years of enjoyment in making myself heard

20 years of smiles behind the mike.

They trusted me


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    Alex Robini

    Tél: +33 (0)6 16 30 06 74